Original music is always going to be my first love. I love creating unique instrumentals and backtracks for rising vocalists to feature on. So if you’re here wondering, “What does it take to get on a Wes White track?” then talk to me. Maybe you’re the perfect fit for my next single.

Collabs are super hot right now, so if you’re a vocalist and you’ve got an incredible song that needs to come to life – reach out to me literally right now. All you’re doing is wasting time on something that the two of us could make really special. It can be our song, your song featuring me, or my song featuring you. Either way, if you’re ready to put a fresh production spin on your track, get at me.

This probably means you’re a serious artist yourself with your own brand. You’ve got a vision for your next project and you want the Wes White fingerprint. It’s your rules with my flare. Maybe you’re a singer/songwriter but you don’t want to be the next wannabe Ed Sheeran. You want to be a threat on the radio and you want your acoustic guitar to turn into a massive arrangement of huge pop sounds.

I’m also open to other creative visions. The sky is the limit. So basically, if your idea is cool I’ll want to be a part of it. Maybe you have a YouTube channel or you want to juice up your Insta game with an original backtrack. Maybe you’re a filmmaker and you want your shots to pop with my music.

Don’t want my name anywhere on the product? This is the right tab for you.


I always tell people that I grew up listening to a combination of 90’s boy bands and the St. Lunatics, which somehow led me to specialize in pop, dance, dancehall, EDM, trap, and hip hop. Those genres are where I feel most comfortable, but I’m always open to creating something fresh. Seriously, don’t be afraid to hit me up if you have a vision for something brand new. We’ll chat about it together and see if we can make it happen.