Hit me up on my social media to stay in touch with everything I’m doing. Of course you’ll find a lot of music, but you’re also going to find a lot of me just doing real life. I love all things Mizzou sports. I love my family. I love my friends and making memories in beautiful places.


Heavily inspired by Jack Ü and Major Lazer, Wes considers his birthday as a producer to be January 5, 2017 when he started working on his remix of Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again featuring the rising Charlie Puth in the midst of a tropical house kick that he still hasn’t completely shaken. Wes’ first step into the “computer music” genre happened on July 12, 2016 featuring his instrumental track Digital Flirt and was soon followed by his first full and completely original single Never Wanted You featuring Cover. After a handful of experimental remix releases in the early months of 2017, summertime brought the release of Safe and Sound, a sunshiny tropical house track that became the first installment of his multi-track collaboration with California-based singer/songwriter Lyndsey Elm. Similarly, their follow-up sequel single Secret Weapon is tentatively expected to find its way into all major distribution platforms in early 2018. Alongside his current collabs, developing side projects, and new original material, Wes also found a creative niche remixing a host of upcoming artists such as Desirée Dawson, Ryder, Lauv, Ruben Young, and Merry Ellen Kirk during the summer months and plans to continue expanding his remix portfolio extensively throughout the winter and into 2018.