Collaboration means that you and I are making a song together with a mostly shared partnership. You’re motivated to make this great because your brand is at stake and I’m motivated for the very same reason.

In fact, one of the best parts of a collaboration is that we automatically double or triple the fan base exposure because two or even three people have come together for a single sound. As far as what this looks like on distribution platforms, you’ll see something like Track Title by Wes White and YOU. It might also work out better in some cases to have me as the feature, so you might see Track Title by You featuring Wes White.

Either way, the idea is that we created something together. Although my current preference for collabs is to keep things rolling single by single, I might potentially be interested in doing a collaboration EP if it’s the right fit.


Like I mention in my artist section, people who already have an established brand, fan base, and career goal are preferred.

I’m also looking for people who are willing to invest in the process both creatively and financially. Making music isn’t free, and you’ll find in the rates section that the financial burden of creating music with me is essentially split when we collaborate.

If you can check both of those boxes, hit me up.


The process is never the same twice, but in general I like starting with a good song that has already been written. I’m talking about something lyrically or melodically developed with a standard song structure of verses, pre-choruses, hooks, and maybe a bridge. Maybe it’s a demo you’ve recorded with basic acoustic guitar or just a catchy hook you recorded on your phone.

To be honest, writing lyrics isn’t my first love so I’m going to be infinitely more excited about something you’ve already written and want to put into productive motion than some vague vision either of us might have. Once we have a full vocal demo we’ll go back and forth via text, voice memos, email, FaceTime, Skype, and everything in between to make sure we’re able to communicate effectively. I’ll send you continuously updated versions of the song in terms of production and when it’s time to schedule the vocal session we’ll make it happen. After that we’ll push it through the mixing and mastering phases until we’re happy with the final product.

Another option is for you to jump on one of my archived tracks that already exists. I have 10-20 instrumentals in my archives that no one has ever heard simply because they haven’t found the right voice for them yet. If that approach interests you, mention that in your email and we’ll figure out a way to listen to some of those together. In that particular case, I pitch you the song, you fill in the gaps lyrically and melodically, and that’s that. We push it through mixing and mastering according to our taste and it’ll be ready for digital distribution.


That all depends on you and me. If you have an incredible song already written and my schedule allows for me to start right away, we could literally turn around a mastered track in a few weeks to a month. Outside of that, we can make it take as long as want to. That being said, I’d say a normal turnaround from first contact to completion would be about eight weeks. If you’re on a time crunch but you know for a fact that you want me to be your producer, communicate that to me and we’ll set reasonable deadlines that set you up to reach your goals.


I make my own connections regarding mixing and mastering given what I think is best for any given song. My primary connections are based out of Nashville and New York, but I’ve worked with engineers in the Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas as well.


My rates are within industry standards. The numbers you’ll see value both my time and my worth as well as your interest and career potential. Obviously rates fluctuate from project to project depending on the specific details of each one, but you will always be paying for the quality you receive and nothing more. If you want to get a general quote for your vision, just shoot me a quick email and we’ll get to chatting ASAP.